The Pinball Asylum Makes the TWIPPY Ballot!!!

The Pinball Asylum is super excited to be on this year’s TWIPPY Ballot in three categories: Best Place to Play Pinball, Best Pinball Tournament / Competition for our Annual Point Monsters, and Best Pinball League. And the Asylum’s very own local star, Eric Stone, is up for Best Pinball Player / Competitor. Cast your vote for us please!!!

Please take your time providing your thoughtful opinion for the listed categories. The TWIPY Committee has gone through significant measures to identify fraudulent voting and will be reviewing each vote.

You are not required to select an answer in every category. If you are not familiar with the nominees then feel free to skip it.

Please note: You are allowed one vote per email address. If you change your mind and would like to change your vote, simply vote a second time and we will keep the most recent vote. Make sure to vote for all categories in your final vote – all previous votes will be deleted!

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