Our Games

With 150+ games to draw from, The Pinball Asylum has one of the largest permanent playable collections on the East Coast of the United States.  With the opening of our Asylum “BIG EXPANSION” in June 2017, The Pinball Asylum now has an average of 80-100 games set-up to play at all events.

Here is a small sampling of games you will find at The Pinball Asylum (subject to change without notice):

Mata Hari (Bally, 1977)
Flash (Williams, 1979)
Aerosmith PRO (Stern, 2017)
Star Trek (Data East, 1991)
The Getaway: Highspeed II (William, 1992)
Scared Stiff (Bally, 1996)
Time Fantasy (Williams, 1983)
Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom (Bally, 1978)
Black Knight (Williams, 1980)
 Johnny Mnenomic (Williams, 1995)
Black Sheep Squadron (Astro, 1977)
Spooky (Zaccaria, 1987)
Fan-Tas-Tic (Williams, 1972)
Lectronomo (Stern, 1978)
Lord of The Rings LE (Stern, 2009)
Haunted House (Gottlieb, 1982)
Algar (Williams, 1980)
Attack From Mars (Williams, 1995)
Demolition Man (Williams, 1994)
Fish Tales (Williams, 1992)
Time Machine (Zaccaria)
F14 Tomcat (Williams, 1987)
Soccer Kings (Zaccaria)
Space Invaders (Bally)
Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally)
Pokerino (Williams, 1978)
Cyclopes (Game Plan, 1985)
Gorgar (Williams, 1979)
Dipsy Doodle (Williams, 1970)
Counter Force (Gottlieb, 1980)
Zankor (Zacarria)
Robot (Zacarria)
World Fair (Gottlieb, 1964)
Flipper Football (Capcom)
Air Aces (Bally)
Amazing Spider-Man (Gottlieb)
Elektra (Bally)
Odds & Evens (Bally)
Farfalla (Zaccaria)
Stingray (Stern)
See Saw
Eclipse (Gottlieb, 1982)
Space Riders (Atari, 1978)
Evel Knieval (Bally, 1977)
Popeye Saves The Earth
Charlie’s Angels
Strikes and Spares (Bally, 1978)
Universe (Zaccaria)
Gamatron (PinStar, 1985)
Circus (Zaccarria)
Bon Voyage
Kiss (Bally)
Viper (Stern)
Combat (Zaccaria)
Joust (Williams)
Mars Trek
Dragon (Interflip)
Paragon (Bally)
Cherry Bell
Future Spa (Bally)
Travel Time
Four Million BC
Bobby Orr Power Play (Bally)
Skateball (Bally)
World Cup Soccer
Fathom (Bally, 1980)
Twilight Zone
Embryon (Bally, 1980)
Centaur (Bally, 1981)
Operation Thunder (Gottlieb, 1992)
Pinbot (Williams)
Airborne (Capcom)
Warlok (Williams)
Pool Champion (Zaccaria)
Genie (Gottlieb, 1979)
Captain Fantastic (Bally, 1977)
Vector (Bally, 1981)
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not (Stern, 2004)
Wizard (Bally, 1975)
Hotdoggin’ (Bally, 1979)
World’s Fair Jigsaw (Rockola, 1933)
Bay Watch (Sega, 1995)
The Who’s Tommy (Data East, 1994)