News & Updates

APRIL 2022

May 22-23: Sunday-Monday, 6th Annual Match-Play Tournament

Limited to 64-Players, and part of IFPA17 Pre-Tournaments, you will tour banks of four with four other players, over a two-day tournament.

May 24: Tuesday, 6th Annual Pin-Golf Tournament

Part of the IFPA17 World Championship Pre-Tournaments– with over 30 international players already registered– our 6th Annual Pin-Golf event will feature an 18 pin-hole course.
May 25: Wednesday, The Asylum’s International Elite Three Strikes Pinball Tournament


Welcome back, Inmates! Here is the schedule for the coming year:

8: Saturday, Sunshine State Tournament
13: Thursday, Asylum Inmates Pinball League

10: Thursday, Asylum Inmates Pinball League

10: Thursday, Asylum Inmates Pinball League

14, Thursday, Asylum Inmates Pinball League

12: Thursday, Asylum Inmates Pinball League
Pre-IFPA17 Tournaments:
22-23: Sunday-Monday, Match-Play
24: Tuesday, Pin-Golf
25: Wednesday, TBA Tournament
26: Thursday, IFPA17 Epstein Cup
27-29: Friday-Sunday, IFPA17 World Pinball Championships
29: IFPA17 After-Party, Evening

9: Thursday, Asylum Inmates Pinball League

14: Thursday, Asylum Inmates Pinball League
16: Saturday, 6th Annual Asylum Pin-Golf Tournament FUNDRAISER

11: Thursday, Asylum Inmates Pinball League

8: Thursday, Asylum Inmates Pinball League 

13: Thursday, Asylum Inmates Pinball League

10: Thursday, Asylum Inmates Pinball League

10: Saturday, Asylum Inmates Final League Match & League Season Finals
~May be postponed~ 17: Saturday, PAPA-Style Tournament

JUNE 7, 2021

Hopefully you’ve heard the good news that The Pinball Asylum is officially RE-OPENING with the start of our Asylum Inmates Pinball League on June 24!

Beyond that, we’d like to remind you that this month of June marks the 10-Year Anniversary of The Pinball Asylum‘s first public event

From that first event on June 3, 2011, where 19 machines were set-up in our 700 square-foot room, to today’s Asylum where 120 machines are spread over 5,000 square feet, we’ve come a long way— all thanks to you, Florida’s pinball players– our pinball family!

APRIL 2021

After our March 12 League we postponed all events for the foreseeable future due to Covid. Sorry!

9: Thursday: Asylum Inmates Pinball League

13: Thursday: Asylum Inmates Pinball League
22: Saturday: 4th Annual Asylum Pin-Golf Tournament FUNDRAISER

12: Thursday: Asylum Inmates Pinball League

(POSTPONED) 9: Thursday: Asylum Inmates Pinball League
(POSTPONED) 24-25-26: Friday-Sunday, The 8th Annual Asylum Point Monsters Tournament

(POSTPONED) 14: Thursday: Asylum Inmates Pinball League
(POSTPONED) 25: Monday, Memorial Day: Pre-IFPA17 Tournament TBA
(POSTPONED) 26: Tuesday: Pre-IFPA17 Tournament TBA
(POSTPONED) 27: Wednesday: Pre-IFPA17 Tournament TBA
(POSTPONED) 28: Thursday: Charity-Tournament TBA, IFPA Epstein Cup
(POSTPONED) 29: Friday: IFPA17 Qualifying
(POSTPONED) 30: Saturday: IFPA17 Qualifying
(POSTPONED) 31: Sunday: IFPA17 Finals

11: Thursday: Asylum Inmates Pinball League

9: Thursday: Asylum Inmates Pinball League

13: Thursday: Asylum Inmates Pinball League
22-23: Saturday-Sunday: 6th Annual Asylum PAPA-Style Tournament

10: Thursday: Asylum Inmates Pinball League

3: Saturday: Asylum Pin-Brawl Tournament
8: Thursday: Asylum Inmates Pinball League
31: Asylum Halloween Party

12: Thursday: Asylum Inmates Pinball League

12: Saturday: Asylum Inmates Pinball 12th League Match & FINALS
27: SUNDAY: Asylum 10th Annual Post-Chrismukkah-Festivus-Kwanzaa Party

The Pinball Asylum is honored to have been chosen as the site of the IFPA World Pinball Championship Competition
The Pinball Asylum is honored to have been chosen as the site of the IFPA World Pinball Championship Competition in May of 2020

July 6, 2018

Getting ready for our 4th Annual PAPA-Style Tournament, Saturday and Sunday, August 18-19. Our VIDEO MONITORING & STREAMING set-up is complete, and we hope to be broadcasting again on Twitch.

MAY 14, 2018

We’ve been busy here at The Pinball Asylum!  Our BIG EXPANSION was officially completed back in late-March, making our next project our VIDEO MONITORING & STREAMING set-up!  We hope to have a preview of this for our 6th Annual Point Monsters Championship on June 1st.

OCTOBER 30, 2017

The Pinball Asylum is planning on making December a flippin’ fantastic month!  We have THREE BIG EVENTS the last month of the year.
Put these on your calendar now!
DECEMBER 8-9: (Friday & Saturday) 2nd Annual 3-Strikes Bonanza Tournament
DECEMBER 16: (Saturday) Final 12th Match & Finals of The Asylum Inmates Pinball League!
DECEMBER 28: (Thursday) 7th Annual Pinball Asylum Year’s End Holiday Party
Up FIRST is the 2nd Annual 3-Strikes Bonanza!
COME ON & GET YER IFPA WPPR POINTS! We will attempt SEVEN (7) 3-Strikes Tournaments In 2-Days!
Here is the UPDATED schedule:
FRIDAY, 12/8:
Doors Open at 6:30pm.
1st 3-Strikes Tournament at 7:00pm.
2nd 3-Strikes at 9:30pm.
Doors Open at 9:30am.
3rd 3-Strikes Tournament at 10am.
4th 3-Strikes at 1:00pm
5th 3-Strikes at 3:30pm
6th 3-Strikes at 6:30pm
7th 3-Strikes at 9:00pm.
Please join us and max-out your IFPA WPPR Points before the end of the year!  More details to come shortly!
OCTOBER 9, 2017

Our 4th Annual Pin-Brawl saw 20 players, representing 10 teams. Team match-ups were very even, with the composite scores all falling between 65 and 85 points.

BIG TIME CONGRATS to the Winners– TEAM TODDLEE– with Lee Moscaritolo and Todd Baxter. Both of these guys played very well throughout the day, but really nailed it in the finals where they beat out some great teams to take home the big prize. In addition to some handsome trophies, TEAM TODDLEE will also get their names inscribed on the “Asylum PLAQUE OF PIN-BRAWL CHAMPIONS,” which shall hang on our wall as long as The Pinball Asylum is standing.

Each one of the teams played each other one time, and after five rounds, 7.5 hours, and 15 matches on 15 machines, the top qualifiers were, in order, THE CHERRYBUSTERS, OUTLANES, TODDLEE, PLUNGERS, SILVERBALLERS, and SALT & HOT PEPPER. Top qualifier, THE CHERRYBUSTERS remarkably grabbed five out of six of the bonus points in the final round.

There were 30 games available, and players got to choose the games (or play position) each round (one EM, one SS, and one DMD). Games choice and play positions for the first round of play was done by coin toss, and subsequent rounds first choice was given to highest seed (i.e. best composite score) going into that round. Composite scores were calculated based on the PAPA 4, 3, 2, 1 method.

Since players got to choose the games they played, the play distribution is interesting to look at, with some games receiving zero plays. (Of course the always popular Interflip DRAGON won with 8 total plays!)

Games and number of times played:

The last round of play– i.e. Round 5– carried three (3) guarantied bonus points for the highest combined game scores (i.e. adding each team’s scores together), and the possibility of an additional three more for high game of the match on any game played in the final round. Strategically, players looked for games with low or no gameplay to try and capture a high game score (and an extra point), and four players succeeded– Gwen Austin on Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom, Scott Bratton on Avatar LE, Matt Malone on Black Rose, and John Stone on Algar.

The final list of winners taking home trophies were: THE CHERRYBUSTERS 4th Place (Matt Malone & John Stone), SILVERBALLERS 3rd Place (Erik Wallis & Larry Hendricks), SALT & HOT PEPPER 2nd Place (David Paz & Tatiana Mora), and winners TODDLEE (Lee Moscaritolo and Todd Baxter).


SEPTEMBER 22, 2017

Our PIN-BRAWL 2017 is coming up in JUST TWO WEEKS! Register today!

AsylumTrophiesPinBrawl - 1

AUGUST 21, 2017

2017PAPA-StylePhoto - 31

Our 3rd Annual PAPA-Style event was held last weekend, August 18-19.  It was a long, but wonderfully frenetic weekend, with lots of new faces, and many of our great loyal Florida tournament players and Inmates making up the rest of the crowd.

Thanks again to Eric (Khabbi) for loan of the Jersey Jack “Dialed In” which was set on Freeplay, and got pretty much constant attention all weekend.  Prizes were given for 1st-2nd-3rd high scores on both Friday and Saturday.

Great also meeting world-ranked pinball players (and super nice people), Californians Louise and Eric W. Thanks for visiting and playing our tournament!

Friday night started both our Pro and Amateur’s PAPA-Style Tournaments. The selection of games seemed to spark a lot of conversation in both divisions, but the games held up well with over 14 hours of play, except for an early failure of Target Alpha, which was quickly replaced with Mata Hari. Saturday saw the most action, beginning at 9:00 am.

The Professional Division had 21 players, and was played on nine (9) games, with the number of plays each machine received relatively balanced: Pokerino (26 plays), Aerosmith (31 plays), Kiss (36 plays), Cherry Bell (31 plays), Avatar (41 plays), Mata Hari (39 plays), Bon Voyage (35 plays), F-14 (35 plays), and Hotdoggin'(46 plays). 

Top eight qualifiers, in order, for the semi-finals were Nick M., Lee M., Carlos P., Eric W., Sebastian B., Jeff P., Norma J., and Eric L.


Finals were exciting, with congrats to Jeff P. for winning the whole PAPA-Style in a tight contest. First game of finals chosen was Kiss which saw fairly close 2nd and 3rd place scores in the 70K range, however, Eric L. spun up a final 114K to grab the high.  Carlos P. took second in the whole PAPA-Style after a stellar 3.3MM game on F-14, which amazingly Jeff crushed on his third ball, ending up with 4.07MM. The final game of the finals was on the much loved (and hated-LOL) Cherry Bell.  Once again Carlos grabbed the lead with 497K, but did not have the points to eclipse Jeff who snuck out a 2nd on his favorite  game with a 391K, and won the whole PAPA-Style contest. Final standings: Jeff P. (1st), Carlos P. (2nd), Eric L. (3rd), and Sebastian B. (4th). Very well-played, well fought, gentlemen!

The Amateur Division had 10 players, and was played on five (5) games: Dragon, Farfalla, High Speed, Sopranos, and Tommy. Congrats to the winner– new-comer, Doug S.. Second place was taken by Mark M., dad of the young ace-player, Nick. Third went to our local Asylum Inmates League player, Louis K. Fourth went to the smartest kid in the room, Sebastian V..

As always, this fun weekend was brought to you courtesy of MANY people both working the event, before the event, and behind the scenes. Scott K. and Michael H. especially should be thanked for helping move, prep, level, play test, clean and ready nearly every machine in the Asylum. Rhonda J, likewise was on hand helping clean and prep machines. Matt M. is our head genius at fixing machines, and without him you’d find many, many more broken machines at the Asylum. Helping him was the TD’s indispensable old friend and consigliere, John I. Score keeping duties were so expertly handled by Ceil and John B. that you might of thought you were at the World Championships.  And we could NOT have done it this weekend without Jeff W., who also provided score-keeping for all the amateurs, and dug in on the finals for both divisions making it possible to keep the contest moving smoothly.

AUGUST 7, 2017

Exciting! We’ve just added a Jersey Jack “Dialed In” Launch Party to our August 18-19th 3rd Annual PAPA-Style event. #jerseyjackpinball#Pinball


JULY 2017: PAPA-Style Tournament

On AUGUST 18-19 we bring you our IFPA Sanctioned 3rd Annual PAPA-Style TournamentOur NEW dates are Friday August 18 and Saturday August 19th.

Check your email for the registration link. If you are not on our distribution list, email us (, and we’ll try to get you registered.

Previous dates of 19-20th were changed to allow for more qualifying times, i.e. more TGP for you “WPPR Geeks.”

JUNE 2017: Summer Update 

Summer is a little lazy around The Pinball Asylum, but we still hope to see you at our July and August League matches.
We’ll also be getting ready soon for our August 18-19 PAPA-Style Tournament. Stick around– there are more great things to come!
We are still looking for donations of the following stuff:
Folding chairs, any working TV monitors, a full-sized working refrigerator, high-top tables, bar stools, etc.
All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS.


WHAT is the BIG EXPANSION you ask?
• Asylum space expands from 1800 square feet to 5000 square feet
• Go from 50-60 pinball machines to 100-120 pinball machines
• Have a seating area for relaxing and just hanging out
• Have restrooms upstairs (no more going downstairs to use the facilities)
• Improve our dedicated tournament area
• Host corporate and public events to ensure that The Pinball Asylum remains self-sufficient and sustainable
We are still looking for donations of the following stuff:
Old working TV monitors, decent couches for the new seating area, bar stools, etc.
All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS.