Pin-Golf Tournament & Fundraiser

On April 22, 2017 we host our Inaugural Asylum Pin-Golf Tournament and FUNDRAISER.
We will have 18 pinball machines, each designated a hole with a target score. Players can play with AMATEUR ($30.00, 9-Holes) or PROFESSIONAL ($50.00, 18-Holes for IFPA Points.)
See below for more details or our Facebook event page HERE.

***Pinball Asylum 1st Annual Pin-Golf Tournament Rules***

The Pinball Asylum opens at 10:00am on Saturday April 22, and the first groups will start their rounds at 10:30am. There will be both AMATEUR (no IFPA points) and PRO (IFPA points) divisions for this tournament. Groups can be self-formed, but should be “foursomes” if at all possible to keep organizing rounds easier for the tournament director. The tournament ends at 7:00pm, with the last rounds sold at 6:15pm. Any rounds still open at 7:00pm are allowed to finish playing.
Cost is $30 for 9-Holes, or $50 for 18-Holes. The PRO division is based on 18 holes, and the AMATEUR division is based on 9 holes. Choosing to play a 9-Hole round will automatically group the player into the Amateur Division. A 9-Hole round must consist of either the “Front 9” (games 1-9) or the “Back 9” (games or holes 10-18). Foursomes must consist of either Amateur or Pro players, and not be mixed. Holes may be played in any order, with foursomes encouraged to go to any available empty machine in order to keep rounds moving. Completed scorecards should be signed by all players and turned into one of the Tournament Directors as soon as possible.

Each player must declare before playing their first round if he/she wishes to play for the PRO division or the AMATEUR division. Both PRO and AM groups will compete for trophies within their division, but only the PRO division will accumulate IFPA points. Since this is a fundraiser for The Pinball Asylum, there are no cash payouts.

A player declaring AM division may decide to change to the PRO division anytime during the tournament by contacting one of the Tournament Directors and then purchasing an 18-Hole round for $50. PRO players cannot change to AM division. Either division players may choose to play multiple rounds, with only their best round counting towards their final standings, and their lesser round(s) being discarded.
There will be 18 pinball games utilized, with each designated a “hole” with a requisite target score to be achieved. Games or holes can be played in any order, although players playing a 9-Hole round must stick to either the “Front 9” (games or holes 1-9), or the “Back 9” (games or holes 10-18).

PRO target scores will be set higher than AM target scores. The “Front 9” and “Back 9” will each be a mix of DMD’s, SS’s and EM’s.

Rounds played with less than a threesome will be at the Tournament Directors discretion. No single player rounds will be allowed

There is a course maximum of 10 Pin-Strokes per Hole. Should you not reach the Target Score after playing a full game, record your score on the back of your scoresheet and start another game. Your first game’s score will be added to subsequent games/balls played until you hit the target score, or you finish your 9th ball and accept a 10 on the hole. Your foursome will have to wait until its last player finishes by either hitting the target score or maxing-out on ball 10.

All attempts to turn-off extra balls will be made, however if a player earns an extra ball, this will not be counted as an additional Pin-Stroke, but rather as a continuation of the current ball being played.

Player Delays: Since this is a one day tournament keeping rounds moving will be critical. Please stay close to your foursome during rounds. Any player that is not at the game when it is their turn will have their ball plunged after 3 minutes which will count as a stroke.

If a player passes the Target Score and continues to play subsequent balls of that game, those additional balls will be counted as additional Pin-Strokes on that Pin-Hole. Please keep things moving by stopping play once target score achieved and letting the other players play their balls.

The player with the lowest score at a Pin-Hole takes the honor of playing first on the following Pin-Hole. The competitor with the second lowest score plays next and so on. If two or more competitors have the same score at a Pin-Hole, the play in the same order as the previous Pin-Hole.

FINALS: At the end of the last round, the top players, i.e. with the fewest strokes, from both PRO and AM divisions, will qualify for finals, which will consist of a new 3-Hole round made-up of foursomes. The number of players to play in the finals will be determined by the number of total players participating in each division, and shall consist of no more than 50% of the field which is divisible by 4. Players will be grouped in their new rounds according to seed.

If two or more players are tied going into the finals, a single tie-breaking game will be played. on a machine selected by the Tournament Directors. The tied players will play, in randomly determined order, in a multiplayer game on the selected machine, and will subsequently be ranked in the order of their scores on that game. If more players are tied than the selected machine supports in a single game, multiple games will be played to accommodate all tied players, in randomly determined order, and the resulting scores will be compared as if they had occurred in a single game on the same machine.

After the first 3-Hole final round is completed, the field will once again be divided by 50% for each division. The players remaining will play an additional 3-Hole round, and continue playing 3-Hole rounds until the field is reduced to a single foursome (or smaller). The winner of the final round shall be declared winner of the Pin-Golf tournament for each PRO and AM divisions.

• Tilting another player’s ball will result in a disqualification and a maximum score of 10 on the hole for the offender.

• Slam tilting a game in progress will result in a disqualification and a maximum score of 10 on the hole for the offender. A second offense will result in a disqualification from the tournament.

• Bang backs and death saves are not allowed, and a first offense will result in a disqualification from the tournament.

• Playing another player’s ball (playing out of turn) will result in a disqualification and a maximum score of 10 on the hole for the offender.

• Scoring accuracy is everyone’s responsibility. Please monitor your groups scoring as you play. Cheating will not be tolerated, and will be grounds for immediate disqualification from the entire tournament.


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